Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something to Savor

We hope you all enjoyed your weekends. Ours were filled with family functions, Marilyn Monroe flicks, all night partying, and what Em described as "the best Superbowl party ever." Sa-weeet. 

As we informed you in our last post, we will now be posting on Tues and Thurs in order to give you readers more time to savor these lovely works. This is subject to change depending on how many submissions we start to receive. And today's post is definitely something to savor, with a melodic poem from artist-extraordinaire Jessica Licciardello. Enjoy and please leave feedback, thanks!

We Are The Birds of Light
by Jessica Licciardello

Bring forth holding flag of life
come from above with God spirit shine
with this message is known kind
this truth known while underway
threadbare withers and torn
not for us that destiny bechose
did not create the bird of prey
which did come to being 
a hellish tool did make
not similar, nothing same
seen it now our course
fashioned with love the word
the comfort of this known be
will bring us our time
for we are the birds of light
we will have our home

original artwork by Jessica Licciardello

Jessica Licciardello is an artist and illustrator that has been drawing and painting since childhood. She earned a BA Degree in Studio Art and Art History from Marist College in New York, and she is now based in Montclair, New Jersey. Her unique style and visual techniques capture the essence of color, texture and thought provoking composition. Her inspiration is drawn from her experiences in life, art, music, reflecting time spent in nature roaming the land of the Hudson Valley, and the abundantly fruitful landscapes of the Garden State. This is her first published poem.

Learn more about Jessica and her work at Saatchionline.com and at her gallery's Facebook page.


  1. I agree! Which came first, the poem or the artwork?

  2. Thanks Mia and Em! The artwork actually came first! Thanks again I appreciate your comments!


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