Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Call for Submissions

Thank you all for all your support and feedback during the first three weeks of our little blog's launch. All comments and words of encouragement are all greatly appreciated and taken into account! We hope you will continue to visit for future posts, and catch up on any of the quality posts you may have missed.

This month we're still looking for submissions, and the suggested them is: passion! We'd love for you to write about your personal passion -- whatever that may be -- or about passion in general. It doesn't need to be "sexy passion" (unless you want it be!), just anything that drives you or a character in a story, poem, play, etc. Also, with February being Black History Month, and the month of Valentine's Day, feel free to share something related to either of those themes. A poem in support of equality...divulge on your first ode to the love of your life...a tribute to an inspiring African-American...the possibilities are endless! By no means does your submission need to coincide with these ideas, they are merely suggestions intended to invoke inspiration.

Send all submissions, comments and inquiries to  We want to hear from you and put your writing on The Veillee! What are you waiting for?

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