Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love & Passion

It's that day again! The day so many of us claim to hate because of its corporate associations. A day filled with red and pink, hearts and roses, naked cherubim and the hope that something fantastically romantic will pop out of nowhere and take us by surprise.

Perhaps it was my parents and their love of celebration that made this day special for me as a child. I always woke up to something bright, shiny, and heart-shaped on the breakfast table. It was exciting! Now, as an adult, I always try to make Valentine's Day fun and whimsical. It just feels like a perfect excuse to celebrate, and to express love!

So today at The Veillee we've decided to dive into the theme of love and passion, and have gathered some poems for the occasion. Love has many forms, and though, according to some, we can thank Chaucer and those crazy troubadours of the middle ages for linking Valentine's Day with Romantic love, it's often good to think about what truly makes our hearts beat. What is it that gets us out of bed every day? What, or who, makes our world spin? The following poems deal with just that, and we're thrilled to feature them here on this special day!



The Nape of Your Neck
By Jessica Pherson

My favorite part of you
My lips fit right in
So soft and tender
So delicate and sweet
The perfume outpouring
From such a small spot
I could look at it forever
My nose happily ingrained
Into that little
Nape of your neck

By Catherine Pherson

Crisp white blouse, navy pleats of skirt
Hair waves of liquid amber
Patiently waiting to swallow the bitter brew
Joyful singing and guitars
Musical prayer

Give me strength, give me love, give me light

Scent of flowers, sound of the heart of the forest
Blazing light behind the eyes
Joining of prayers for the voyage heavenward
Asking God to use this
Lump of clay

Others arriving, auras of rainbow all around
Flitting the periphery
Quickening heartbeat, sweet anticipation
Shine Your light through me
To lead them home

Black pours in, obliterating everything
All energy flowing away
So much suffering, so much unbearable pain
How can it possibly
Be healed

Give me strength, give me love, give me light

Trembling, shaking with the force of beings
Lost in eternal darkness
Terrified of retribution, craving forgiveness
Seeking the holy light
In blind hope

The light is the way, no ferocity will prevail
Only humility and love
Beautiful, loving light beams shining out
From fissures in the heart
Follow them

All of us together in a boat on the sea
Sailing toward
An unknown shore, an uncertain destiny
Fear not, for the Lord
Is with us

Give me strength, give me love, give me light

Body collapsed in exhaustion, mind numb
Filled with gratitude
For the opportunity to serve God, brothers and sisters
Thanks for all good gifts

By Jessica Pherson

That’s how you leave me
I don’t know how else to say it
I don’t know how it happened

That night
Not so long ago
Who would’ve thought?
Not I

We shocked ’em all, babe
None more than I
I think you felt just as surprised
As I did

Look at us now
No more coat check for us
No more sleepless nights
Unless we’re star gazing
So much anticipation
So much on the way
It’s only just beginning
And I’m glad I got you

For now let’s just get cozy
For now let’s just relax
For now let’s just try to enjoy it
And hope that it always lasts

By Jessica Pherson
I knew it wasn’t over
But I’d thought I’d gotten close
But then I had to see you
And had to be caught in your embrace

I wasn’t expecting it
I wasn’t expecting it to be so grand
I didn’t want to let you go
I could’ve devoured you right there

But, it wouldn’t have been right
No, we’re not allowed
But, you told me you loved me
And you told me how much you missed me
And that was enough
And I was left
By your words

Your embrace was so perfect
I could’ve held you forever
I’ll never forget it
Like all the other special moments we’ve had

The butterflies I’ve caught in my net
But, had to set free

Catherine Pherson was born in California and raised mainly in North Carolina. A theatrical actress by trade, she has performed in many shows, including Lettuce and Lovage, The Mousetrap, and Master Class. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Rob, and is mother to Jessica and Mallory and grandmother to Lily and April. 

Jessica Pherson is one of the Founders of The Veillee and author of her own blog, Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby. She works from home part time for an eco-friendly jewelry company/retailer and is also a stay-at-home mom to Lily. 

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