Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, Robert Burns is one of my favorite Romantic poets. Reasons? 1.) He was Scottish, and proud of it! 2.) He was a down-to-earth farm boy, unlike so many of his lordly contemporaries, and saw beauty in life's humble things. 

In honor of his birthday, I'm posting this poem/song -- one of my favorites -- which happens to share a name with my good friend, Jess!

M'Pherson's Farewell
By Robert Burns

Farewell, ye dungeons dark and strong,
The wretch's destinie!
M'Pherson's time will not be long
On yonder gallows-tree.

Chorus.-Sae rantingly, sae wantonly,
Sae dauntingly gaed he;
He play'd a spring, and danc'd it round,
Below the gallows-tree.

O, what is death but parting breath?
On many a bloody plain
I've dared his face, and in this place
I scorn him yet again!
Sae rantingly, &c.

Untie these bands from off my hands,
And bring me to my sword;
And there's no a man in all Scotland
But I'll brave him at a word.
Sae rantingly, &c.

I've liv'd a life of sturt and strife;
I die by treacherie:
It burns my heart I must depart,
And not avenged be.
Sae rantingly, &c.

Now farewell light, thou sunshine bright,
And all beneath the sky!
May coward shame distain his name,
The wretch that dares not die!
Sae rantingly, &c.

(Click here if you'd like help with those crazy Scottish words, or if you'd like to read more of Burns' work.)

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