Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some Poe-etry

We had an awesome launch, and thank you, dear readers, for making it happen! A special thanks to Rachel Lynn Brody, of course, for her nail-biting The Tell Tale Tech

Now lend us your ears (or eyes, rather) for continuation of our homage to the great Edgar Allan Poe, with a couple of Poe-inspired poems- one from The Veillee's very own Jess and one from a new up-and-comer, Kacy Muir. Enjoy...

by Jessica Pherson

I can see my heart
Beating in my chest
It’s beating very slowly
Because it wants to rest
It wants to stop beating,
Since, why shall it go on?
If it doesn’t beat with yours,
Then why should it last long?

I can see my heart
And I can see spots of black
It’s an infection eating away
And soon I’ll have a heart attack

They’re like bruises on a banana
Such a delicate fruit

In the Company of Edgar
By Kacy Muir

The idea of being placed in a box 
Ever so gently 
Is not so gentle an idea

Tucked away tightly 
In a blue heirloom dress 
To gray after the years

Living out the days 
With my heart still beating underneath it 

Jessica Pherson is one of the Founders of The Veillee and author of her own blog, Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby. She works from home part time for an eco-friendly jewelry company/retailer and is also a stay-at-home mom to Lily. Join us Friday for the first part of her tale of intrigue and suspense, The Ninth Victim

Kacy Muir is a freelance writer from Brooklyn, NY by way of New Brunswick, NJ. Her life and travels fill her works with such topics as guerrilla baking, Bruce Springsteen, and searching for the real-life Lloyd Dobler. She has been published in The Weekender, an arts and entertainment magazine and Blood Lotus, an online literary journal. She is currently working on a poetry chapbook about her daily subway travels. Visit her blog, Songs of Sirens, to read more of Kacy's work.

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Coming up, we have more poetry, a new short story from Veillee founder, Em, and another from Blake Walker. And perhaps a few surprises...

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