Friday, March 9, 2012

Women...and stuff.

Photo by Ego Technique*

Yesterday, International Women's Day, was unseasonably gorgeous here in New York. I walked through the park, without my coat.  I delighted in birdsong, and spotted a female squirrel running here and there, searching for the hoard she must have stashed during the frigid months. All I could think about was how appropriate the day's beauty was for a celebration of women and all that we bring to the world. And then I started thinking about the solar storm raging in the heavens...and how this warm weather reflects a distinct change in our climate...and how women in other parts of the world are still fighting for freedoms that many of us have enjoyed for nearly a century. Only a century. Which really isn't very long, is it? In the grand scheme of things...

SO, even though I'd love to have you guys to submit some wicked cool sci-fi stuff about solar flares and post-apocalyptic ghost cities, in reference to yesterday's anti-climactic solar storm, I think I'd rather ask you to send in tributes to the inspirational women in your life. If you had to choose one person for "Woman of the Year," who would it be? Post your answer in the comments section of this post, or send them to

We look forward to hearing your stories.

Write on,

* Ego Technique has nothing to do with The Veillee, and does not necessarily support anything we stand for. He, or she, or they, simply took a nice photo of a female figure, which can be viewed at the Brooklyn Museum.

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