Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Acrobatic Psyche

Hello, beautiful Veillee readers! Did you miss us? After a crazy March, we're happy to be back and thrilled to welcome spring. So get comfy, crack a window, smell the flowers, and enjoy this breezy piece of poetry from our newest contributor.

Happy April!

by gretelbean

i watch cool nights through this cracked window to look at old men dressed out of style with smooth insanities like blown glass on your face, faded and pale, as dulled faint stars, lightyears away, cartwheel slowly through the soft firmament of mute straining trees. 

alone, with a distant light, i carve this ruined face as i dwell in the most perfect silence the world never knew.

Gretelbean is a Brooklyn based multimedia artist. Check out her blog here!

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