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Vagina Blog: No Longer a Dirty Word

In response to the recent political debate involving lawmaker Lisa Brown to be silenced, a movement towards women's voices being heard speaking against this unfair treatment not only toward Miss Brown, but to all women everywhere who are being treated unfairly by the political system, has sprung up. It all started with Veillee contributor Rachel Lynn Brody reaching out to Vagina Monologues writer, Eve Ensler, asking her if she would she be willing to support a round-the-clock reading of her play outside the Michigan State Legislature. Ensler responded by organizing the reading TONIGHT on the steps of MI's capitol. Now, Rachel is organizing one in Union Square, NYC, and heeding the call for bloggers and women-lovers everywhere to have their voices heard.

Here is Veillee co-founder Jessica Pherson having her voice heard. If you have something you'd like to say concerning this issue, please send it to At the very least, spread the word and love your vagina!

No Longer a Dirty Word
by Jessica Pherson

Growing up for me, vagina WAS a dirty word.

It was practically a curse. It felt wrong in my mouth when I said it- even uttered it -and it made me feel…uncomfortable. 

I could never really explain why, but I think I know now. I was only a kid then, simply absorbing the thoughts and feelings of those around me, and clearly, they felt that vagina was not a word you were to speak out loud, unless perhaps in a doctor's office. Even then it was a bit…taboo. To say the name of a body part. Yes, taboo. 

Even as a teenager and young adult  I chose to use other words to describe my vagina, such as "my lady parts", or simply, "down there". Yes, down there. The forbidden region below my waistline. 

For whatever reason, saying penis wasn't as bad. I'd still prefer to say "dick" or "schlong" or "rod" or whatever, but saying penis was never as bad as saying vagina. Vagina. Vagina, vagina, vagina.

I'm all grown up now and I can say it out loud without getting that weird twitch in my tummy that tells me I just said something I shouldn't have. It's the name of my genitals. My birth canal. Where all human life comes from. Why on Earth should I be embarrassed to call it by its given name? 

I have even heard a story from my friend's mother who used to be a nurse, where a woman from a Spanish-speaking country didn't know what the word vagina meant, and thought it sounded lovely. So, she named her daughter Vagina. True story. Somebody out there thinks its a pretty name.

A few years back, I took part in a spiritual ceremony where, with a group, I went into a deep meditation and entered the nether regions of my mind, bringing to light many hidden away thoughts and feelings to the surface so they could be dealt with properly. It was a profound and cleansing experience to say the very least, and one of the feelings I dealt with had to do with my body image and the way I saw my vagina. Apparently, not so subconsciously, I felt that my vagina was ugly and weird. My higher self decided this just could not go on, so I was given a fantastic visual display of vaginas pasted onto faces and flying through the air and generally forced into my vision, up close and personal. And, at first, it made me uncomfortable, as much as I hate to admit that. But, then I saw its beauty. I saw it for the rose that it is, and I felt so happy I couldn't stop smiling. This was something so magnificent, and it was a part of me. I have one of those, I recall thinking. This is the mystical organ that brings human life to this world and brings men to their knees. This is the organ that starts conflict and debate and power. Power to ME. Why oh why should I feel anything negative towards it all?

Yet, here we are. So many of us human still look upon this appendage, this "God's stab wound", as something that causes trouble, and therefore must be controlled. By men. Not the women who they belong to, but the men who somehow got the idea that they are higher than God and believe they are the ones to decide what goes in and out of these "love caves." 

But, NO MORE. Tonight, in Michigan and in NYC and wherever else women who are not taking this crap anymore are standing together to bring attention to this situation before it gets any more out of hand than it already has. I invite you to the steps of Michigan's capital to join Eve Ensler of "The Vagina Monologues" fame and stand in unity against this war against the rights of women everywhere. Can't make it to MI? Join Rachel Lynn Brody and many other amazing women (maybe even myself) tonight at Union Square in Manhattan to bring the message there. Can't make it to NYC either? Start your own gathering wherever you are, however you can. Whether it be in a public place with a large crowd, in the privacy of your own home, or simply in a post like this on the internet- get the word out there! Let's stand in unity whatever way possible and have our voices heard! No bra burning this time- it's time to use our words, our hearts, and our inner vagina-love to put a stop to this silent battle that will be silent no more.

Thanks for reading, I hope I made some impact and perhaps awakened something inside of you as well. Please feel free to submit your words to The Veillee for publishing if you have no where else to put it, and we will be happy to share it every way possible. 

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  1. As for me, vagina is never a dirty word. In fact it taste good, real good!


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